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Rotterdam Rigging is the ideal partner for rigging, rope access and assembly work on events, concerts and industrial sites. With the years of expertise, knowledge and equipment Rotterdam Rigging offers their customers professional advise, assistance and solutions concerning any rigging technical issue.

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Rotterdam Rigging provides rental equipment and tools that serve the industrial and commercial rigging industry. With a large amount of motors, trusses, manual hoists and steels for rent, Rotterdam Rigging can always provide the appropriate gear for any rigging solution.

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Rotterdam Rigging has extensive experience in placing signs. By means of abseiling, cherry pickers or climbing we are able to place signs at virtually every position. We can assist you in placing signs fast and efficient.

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Equipment testing

Rotterdam Rigging offers the inspection and testing of your rigging material. We inspect hoists, trusses, PPE and other rigging material. Rotterdam Rigging has the right personnel whom are certified to test your rigging material and even repair if necessary.

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Your partner for all kind of events

Rotterdam Rigging is the partner for the entertainment industry. Concerts, exhibitions, theatre and corporate events! Rotterdam Rigging has a great deal of expertise in these areas. We can assist you with rigging plots, weight calculations, the right people and supply you with the right materials for the job.

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Rotterdam Rigging is the ideal partner for rigging, rope access and assembly work on events, concerts and industrial sites.

Working at height requires the necessary know-how, therefore Rotterdam Rigging is your ideal partner for rigging issues. The strength of Rotterdam Rigging is that we can work for and alongside every company. We offer our customers 24/7 support through a professional back office who thinks along with you creatively and with a problem solving attitude.

Rotterdam Rigging has the right people, knowledge, experience and materials for working at heights!

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