About us

About us

Rotterdam Rigging was founded in 1984 and is a company specialized in rigging and technical issues for commercial entertainment and industrial sector. Rotterdam Rigging is the ideal partner for rigging, rope access and assembly work on events, concerts and industrial sites. With the years of expertise, knowledge and equipment Rotterdam Rigging offers their customers professional advise, assistance and solutions concerning any rigging technical issue. In addition, Rotterdam Rigging provides rental equipment and tools that serve the industrial and commercial industry.

Working at height requires the necessary know-how, therefore Rotterdam Rigging is your ideal partner for rigging issues. The strength of Rotterdam Rigging is that we can work for and alongside every company. We offer our customers 24/7 support through a professional back office who thinks along with you creatively and with a problem solving attitude.

VCA certified

VCA stands for VGM Checklist (VGM = Safety Health and Environment). The checklist is a comprehensive questionnaire that is used as a screening and screening system for contractors who carry out work for clients. In fact, VCA is more than a checklist. It is a versatile and complete program with which service companies are objectively and structurally tested and certified on their VGM management system.


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