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Rotterdam Rigging is an all-round service provider in complex rigging solutions for industry, maritime & offshore, telecom, signage and the event and entertainment industry. In this capacity, we tackle technical problems with creative lifting and assembly solutions. You could call us problem solvers par excellence. But how did we get here and what is the bedrock upon which our reputation rests? The answers to these questions lie hidden in nearly 40 years of experience in high-level problem solving, literally and figuratively, that is.

‘Rigging is a nautical term that goes back to the rope and chain work used by sailors to attach sails to the masts of their ships. Today, rigging has many purposes, such as the application of lifting and assembly techniques within a wide range of sectors: industry, maritime & offshore, telecom, indoor & outdoor signage and the event and entertainment industry.’

The first chapter of our book was written in 1984, the year in which an employee of the Chamber of Commerce entered Rotterdam Rigging in the Dutch trade register. Balancing between the polar opposites, ‘safety above all’ and ‘the show must go on’, we made our mark by installing sound and light installations in prominent music venues. Our lift and support structures carried the light and sound installations that put world-famous artists such as U2, Madonna and David Bowie in the spotlight during unforgettable concerts in high-end music venues at home and abroad. Our expertise and the unique skillset of our riggers paid off: Rotterdam Rigging established itself as the go-to service provider in rigging solutions for national and international customers in the event and entertainment industry.

‘The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, often called IRATA, is a leading global trade association for the industrial rope access work-at-height sector.’

After the turn of the century, we expanded our activities to other fields. As it turned out, our expertise lent itself particularly well for the industrial and maritime & offshore sectors, and the installation of indoor and outdoor signage. The expansion of our services included the design and installation of supporting structures for renovation and painting work, the mounting of billboards and the assembly and disassembly of pipe stacks in cargo ships.

The advent of the smartphone initiated a further diversification of our activities. After all, the forest of cell towers that facilitates our phone calls and WhatsApp messages requires constant maintenance. Our riggers, being well-versed in work-at-height, became the go-to experts for complicated assembly and maintenance work in cell towers all over the Netherlands.

Over the past four decades,  Rotterdam Rigging designed and applied smart lifting and assembly solutions for a multicolored palette of national and international clients, including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Winter Olympics in Sochi, DSM Food Specialties, Ahoy Rotterdam, Marflex, Colosseum Jakarta. , Lowlands Festival, Ziggo Dome and the Amsterdam Arena. Thanks to these and other challenging projects, Rotterdam Rigging has evolved into a first and foremost service provider in the field of lifting and mounting solutions. In other words, that’s how we rose to the top. Literally and figuratively, that is.

Are you in need of problem solvers without fear of heights? Would you like to know how our lifting and assembly techniques can optimize your business operations? Or are you interested in renting our certified trusses, electric motor hoists, manual hoists and steel? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help.