Blog – expansion of our services

The events market has collapsed since the arrival of Corona. As a result, Rotterdam Rigging, like many other companies, had to take a closer look at its business activities.

Corona has simply ensured that uncertain times are dominating worldwide. As a company, we were faced with a significant challenge to redefine our core business, where our heart lies.

The existence of Rotterdam Rigging is at stake. To guarantee continuity, we need to be able to switch quickly, move forward, and choose not to stand still.

The creativity within our team helped us, as a company, to be able to adapt quickly. A transition from the events rigging to the industrial rigging is, therefore, a well-considered choice. Whether this is temporary? Time will tell.

Over the years, we have shown that our expertise cannot be left out of the market. Hence, we are the ideal partner for various projects, and we do not shy away from a challenge. Besides, Rotterdam Rigging has already done various projects in the industry, such as; creating workplaces at height, control activities, changing pipe stack onboard tankers, all kinds of work at height, and tackling loads.

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