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Steels, Shackles & Chains

Steels, Shackles & Chains

Rotterdam Rigging has a wide variety of lifting equipments such as:

  • Steel Wires 0,5m up to 10m in 10kN & 20kN.
  • Chainclutches 2m 10kN & 20kN.
  • Shackles from 1t up to 4,75t.
  • Beamclamps S2,S3 & S5.
  • O-Rings & Pear-Rings up to 5.6t.
  • Softsteels in 1m, 1,5m and 2m working length.
  • And many more.

Do you have questions about our rates? Do you want to know which tools and materials are needed to get your job done quickly and safely? Or are you looking for professional advice about work at great heights or hard-to-reach places? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help.
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