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Industry & Maintenance

Industry & Maintenance

Renovation, maintenance and repair are inherently connected to companies in the industrial sector. These aspects of operations can be cumbersome, to say the least. They often hinder the production process, which in some cases has to be stopped altogether. Moreover, you cannot expect every painter, welder or mechanic to be well-versed in advanced climbing and rope techniques, or have the skillset to carry out his or her work in places that are difficult to access, and sometimes even dangerous.

Our smart, cost-efficient and custom-made solutions assist you to complete your renovation, maintenance and repair activities with the shortest possible delay. These solutions include the design and construction of temporary work platforms and the installation of lifelines to make hard-to-reach places accessible. Our riggers, being IRATA certified, are experts in the exchange of flares and the tensioning of guy wires. If there is a solution, they will find it.

Are you looking for smart climbers to assist your staff in maintenance or repair work in high or hard-to-reach places? Would you like to know how your production process can proceed undisturbed thanks to our smart rigging solutions? Are you curious why ropes and lines are sometimes faster and therefore cheaper options than ladders and scaffolding? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re ready to help.


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