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Maritime & Offshore

Maritime & Offshore

Rotterdam Rigging is proudly based in Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port city. We therefore rely on years of experience in assisting clients from the maritime sector. This entails the implementation of creative solutions for complex problems at (great) heights, making hard-to-reach places in ships, storage, or other types of port and offshore facilities accessible.

Work on ships, shipyards or other maritime and / or offshore locations requires knowledge of safety and environmental regulations, a careful risk assessment, the right equipment and, last but not least, experienced and well-trained staff. That is why our riggers work with certified tools and (climbing) equipment. Additionally, our staff possesses all of the necessary certificates to assist our clients with the execution of turnarounds and the design and implementation of complex climbing, hoisting and mounting solutions. Further, all of our employees are certified in the following:


TCVT W4-08 license

IRATA level 1


Fork lift and Cherry Picker certificates.

Are you looking for a creative solution to a problem at a great height? Would you like to know how our riggers make the inaccessible accessible or are you curious about the possibilities that our lifting and mounting solutions offer for your organization? Please feel free to contact us. We’re ready to help.


Replacing pipe stacks (10 images)
Replacing pipe stacks #2 (7 images)
Boarding the Astoria (7 images)